A Photography Apps Review of the Year

Looking back over 2009 there have been considerable leaps in the domestic DSLR market with full HD vide being available for the first time in the sub ?1000 camera market. As well as […]

Transform your iPhone with PhoneGrafer

When you take most of your photographs with a digital SLR it is easy to shun the iPhone as a viable camera solution for capturing great photos. Generally I used the camera on […]

Quicktip : Easy Flickr to Twitter

As we kick off our new TotalApps Flickr group I thought this quicktip might come in handy. The ability to tweet photos as part of your 140 characters is nothing new for Twitter […]

WifiPhoto for iPhone

If you have ever had to transfer a photo or screenshot from your phone to a computer that isn’t your own you will already be aware of the pains of having to email […]

Book Review : Photojojo

Last month the creative force behind Photojojo!, a site with 160,000 monthly readers devoted to ‘the world of things you can do with your photos and camera released their very first Photo tips […]

3 Fun iPhone Apps for Photographers

There is no questioning how easy it is to snap photos using the iPhone, in fact it is so easy the iPhone camera has become the second most popular camera used in photo […]

Eye-Fi Coming to the UK

Today sees some really brilliant news for photographers Eye-Fi wireless memory cards in the UK on October 19th 2009. As many know I have a keen interest in photography and run a bit […]

Flickr for iPhone

Anyone who uses the Flickr photo sharing website will already be aware that the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras used in the 3000 photos uploaded each and every second. Well […]

Flickery : Flickr for your desktop

Back when Apple announced that iPhoto 09 was going to offer the ability to “export to flickr” I have to admit I was more than excited. iPhoto 09 arrived and suddenly I realised […]

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