Spacebar Brings Live Concerts to your iPhone

There are many ways for us to listen to music. We can purchase it, rip it from CD’s, and stream it online through applications like Slacker & Rdio. However, what if you want […]

The Orchestra for iPad App Review

If you are already familiar with Touch Press you will know the developer has come up with some of the iPad’s most intelligent and informative apps and they have carried on this trend […]

Band of the Day for iOS App Review

It is always exciting when you discover a new band, especially when they have been around for a while and have a back catalogue for you to work through. Discovering new music often […]

8tracks Radio for iPhone App Review

The mix tape is an art form that future generations will never truly get to appreciate. While it is easy enough to make someone a mix CD and the sound will be of […]

Ecoute for iOS review

If you are not a fan of the iPhone’s music player and are looking for an inexpensive alternative that works well and has a superior layout and interface, then Ecoute may be the […]

Which iPod Are You?

There are so many choices for a portable music device nowadays with most of them coming from Apple itself. While Apple wasn’t the first to invent the idea of having portable music, walkmans […]

Why You Should Buy The iPhone 4S

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the new iPhone 4S and it’s not going to go away any time soon. The fact is that this is the fastest and smartest phone […]

Fixing iTunes Glitches?

Whether we like it or not—and most of us do not—the Apple creation iTunes has become the only way to organise and listen to music in the modern world. In fact, with so […]

Don’t Forget About The iPod

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S having just taken place and the iPad 2 not too long ago it could seem like Apple has forgotten about the device that started it all; […]

Rdio Review

Rdio is an online service that enables you to listen to music and download it using your browser. Unfortunately, this service is available only for the US and Canada. You can subscribe to […]

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