Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps

Recently I have attended three separate events where the speaker referenced video from YouTube. On all of the occasions the video definitely added value to the presentation but sadly the speakers had to […]

Keynote iPad Best Practice

Being in the UK, Apple’s headline “Within 90 days” at the iPad launch event has turned into the longest wait ever. Reading daily how great the iPad is, what it can do and […]

Hands On : Keynote for iPhone

One Keynote App that can be easily overlooked is the brilliant Keynote Remote utility.  In business and education staff battle presenting PowerPoint presentations using keyboards, mice and a few bluetooth, radio remotes.

Cloud Computing : Keynote

So you’re a poor student and claim you can’t afford to buy iWork but still need to produce that all important presentation for yesterday, well if you have an internet connection you can […]

Keynote v PowerPoint

Yesterday I was involved in an interesting debate over the virtues of PowerPoint over Apple Keynote. The argument was more or less based on the idea that a suite of applications (iWork) can […]

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