Write 2 for iOS App Review

We all know how good the iPhone and iPad are as a means to make notes, especially the latter option due to its larger screen, but of course a decent device is only […]

Share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs

Have you ever thought about using a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs?How about using your keyboard and mouse,connected to your Mac,to control an additional PC,running Windows or Linux?Now it is possible,with […]

Vimari for Mac App Review

safari 5 is out in the wild

The invention of the mouse has made computing infinitely easier for users as navigation of the desktop is much quicker and more direct. However despite this convenience there are still a lot of […]

Typing Instead of Touching: A Keyboard for your iPad

Despite its fabulous design, feather-like weight and compactness, iPad has one drawback – lack of physical keyboard. However, it supports add-on bluetooth keyboards, and that’s good news for those who need to type […]

Leave Mouse and Gain Speed on Your Mac

There are many reasons why power users work faster on their Macs. And since your fingers are almost always on the keyboard, taking them off to control the mouse requires time. So if […]