Fixing iTunes Glitches?

Whether we like it or not—and most of us do not—the Apple creation iTunes has become the only way to organise and listen to music in the modern world. In fact, with so […]

4 Must-Have Apps for your Mac

Aside from Mac’s trendy features and interface, numbers of freelancers prefer to use Mac because of another thing. Know what it is? Its Apps of course! The Mac Apps Store is the very […]

Use Menu bar to Toggle your iTunes Accounts

Typically, when someone brings out a hack involving AppleScript and a little process of reading the manual, it is followed by a GUI version in just a few weeks. A Reddit user created […]

iTunes Home Sharing – Time to Use It!

The rumors came true as iOS 4.3 has been released by Apple. This release was made a couple of days ahead of the schedule and updates are present for iPhone, iPod Touch and […]

Splitting iTunes Library over Many Locations

Our iTunes collection keeps getting bigger and the free space keeps getting smaller. You can either increase the hard drive space, or divide the iTunes library over multiple locations. The second option seems […]

Many Options with iTunes

Now you can directly look for more songs To find anything from iTunes store, you have to go to the iTunes app and go to the Store link. Next you have to enter […]

Listen to Radio and Record it on Mac System

Radio has changed a lot, and there are no signs that it will just go. Turning on the radio is highly convenient and it will give you endless stream of music. In fact, […]

Ripping CDs with the help of iTunes

Though Amazon and Apple would be pleased if you fill the iTunes library with only the music that you buy from Amazon MP3 and iTunes store, but there are high chances that you […]

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