Facetime for Mac Beta is Out

As well as update to iLife and the Macbook Air Apple have released a public beta of their Facetime video calling application for Mac. The beta can be downloaded from the Apple site […]

I love iPhone Post-it Notes

There is no getting away from the fact I am a gadget geek. From iPhones to iPads I am hooked on every life enhancing piece of technology. The latest addition to FlixelPix HQ […]

MobileMe in the Dock

I was recently asked if the release of Dropbox for iPhone (dropbox link) has changed my view on Mobile Me. I still think MobileMe is a great service and one worthy of the […]

iPhonific : iPhone Dedicated Photography

Today FlixelPix has launched a new website focused on photos captured and posted using only a mobile phone.iphonific.com is a new offering from the photographer behindFlixelpix.com and is designed to be a mix of […]

BBC News App Arrives for iPad and iPhone

One of the most frustrating aspects of RSS feeds of the BBC website is the use of Excerpt only news items. This is obviously down to content protection but having the load the […]

Pulse : Visual News Reading for iPhone

When it comes to keeping up to date with news via RSS there is no shortage of great news readers for both iPad and iPhone. When the iPad was launched we went on […]

My Favourite iPhone Camera App : Camera+

As many of you know I love photography and run my own little personal photoblog over at (www.flixelpix.com). Although I can’t ever envisage the day phone cameras will replace the SLR they are […]