iPad 2 Built In Apps

You don’t have to spend money and hours scrolling through the app store to find the perfect apps for your iPad 2. If you’re worried about how much money you’ll have to spend […]

The Newest Of The New

Here is a quick rundown of the newest Apple products to hit the shelves this year, plus some rumours on what is to come next year. As we all know, Apple like to […]

The Top Apps Of The Week For iPad

The iPad is one of the best and most popular Apple inventions. This seemingly simple tablet PC gives users a great deal of freedom and control over their daily lives. One is no […]

FaceBook On The iPad

For those of you reading who are both users of FaceBook and iPad’s then you are probably jumping up and down with joy at the news that FaceBook are going to launch an […]

The Mac Apps You Need On Your iPad For College

College is a wonderful time in your life, full of endless learning and endless wonder. However, you might be thinking that it’s the time or endless parties or lectures that never end in […]

Typing Instead of Touching: A Keyboard for your iPad

Despite its fabulous design, feather-like weight and compactness, iPad has one drawback – lack of physical keyboard. However, it supports add-on bluetooth keyboards, and that’s good news for those who need to type […]

Why An iPad Is Better For You At Work

The iPad 2 is in the news again with China finally getting the rights to sell this product on its shores. Until now Chinese citizens have had to import an iPad 2 from […]

Which Is Better For Business; An iPad Or a Laptop?

Many companies around the world have given their employees iPad’s instead of computers and laptops to help them do their work. Some hospitals in the United States, for example, have given doctors and […]

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