Apple to "Unveil" iPad Mini on October 17th

iPad Mini Keynote Expected 10ober 17th

Reports of an iPad Mini Keynote have finally Surfaced!! Only weeks after the debut and release of the most anticipated Apple devices of recent times, its almost time to do it all over […]

Apple Release iPad Mini At Todays Keynote

Apple today released the iPad Mini alongside their 4th Generation iPad! : Here are the amazing Specifications : 7.2MM Thick Thin as a Pencil 0.68 LBS Black and White 7.9″; Inch Display 1024 […]

Griffin’s Crayola Light Marker is Now Available

We all know how much these younglings love our electronics have it be our smartphones or tablets. However, when it comes to coloring, do your kids color on the walls or areas they are not supposed […]

iPad 5 and Retina Display iPad Mini Due In March?

With New Year just around the corner, the apple rumor mill is showing no signs of abating. Details today, suggest that we could be seeing an iPad 5 as early as march and there is a good […]

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