New iPhone 5 Front Panel Leaked

So far the start of the week has been great for Apple news!  But take a look at this folks, this picture surfaced on the internet today revealing what apple may have in-store […]

Doodley for iOS App Review

Artistic talent is one of those infuriating things that comes annoyingly naturally to some people, who can rush out a sketch that looks more lifelike than anything I put any time and effort […]

Get Best Mac Photo Apps for Free

Taking pics sure is fun, but there is more fun in editing and controlling them. Let us discuss some good ways to play with your pics without waiting. With Mac App store, you […]

Reeder : iPad RSS Reader Heaven

Well it is finally here, Reeder for iPad hits the iTunes Apps store and it was worth the wait. For the last year Reeder for the iPhone (read our review) has been my […]

Easy Watermarking in Lightroom

Love them or hate them digital watermarks are commonplace on photos shared over the internet. From large copyright symbols that nearly obscure the entire image to more subtle corner marking can can sadly […]

Adobe adds Easy Watermarking to Lightroom 3

Previously we demonstrated how easy it is to add watermarks to your photos using the Mogrify plugin for Lightroom 2. With the release of Lightroom 3 Adobe have replaced the need for a […]

Transform your iPhone with PhoneGrafer

When you take most of your photographs with a digital SLR it is easy to shun the iPhone as a viable camera solution for capturing great photos. Generally I used the camera on […]

How to create an HTML signature in

I recently scoured the web looking for advice on how to create a html signature to use within Mail as I had just switched from using entourage. I struggled to find any decent […]

Creating a Gravatar

If you visit a number of blogs regularly and ever comment on posts you will know that some users have images appearing beside their comments.

Prizmo: OCR for Cameras

I can remember buying my first scanner from PC World. It could do everything, scan photos, scan photographic slides and even scan pages of text and convert them into a Microsoft Word file […]