Google Now Has Not Been Submitted To Apple For Review

Earlier today at the Big Tent Summit Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested that it was Apple’s fault that Google Now for iOS has still not been released. This suggestion come after the Google Executive was […]

Google Glass Will Be Compatible With iOS

Ever since Google decided to jump ahead with wearable technology by announcing Google Glass people have been wondering if it will be compatible with the iPhone. Earlier this week Google announced that the […]

CloudPull for Mac Review

We are spoilt for choice when confronted with the number of free services Google provides and if you are a regular visitor of Google, you will be familiar with just how many accounts […]

Apple iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

We have just seen Apple release their latest product on to the market at todays keynote , it was the Apple iPad Mini. A lot of people will be asking the question is […]

Why Hasn’t Safari Skyrocketed Like Chrome Has

In the previous days, there have several talks about the web browsers. The report that Google will be paying out Mozilla an amount close to one billion dollars in the coming three years […]

Mac Google Reader: Top 5 Apps for Free

RSS is a great thing and it’s getting more famous each day. If you like RSS feeds, then you already know that Google Reader is the best way to sync and manage feeds. […]

Google Translate on iPhone

Today Google launched the official Google Translate iOS app. It can be downloaded for free, and you can translate 15 languages by simply speaking into the phone, and above 50 languages using text […]

Google brings the iOS device Latitude app

And here it is. Many of you have been waiting for the official launch of Google Latitude on App Store. Your wait is over with this news. Now you can download this free […]

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