Which Video Player Will Work On Your Mac?

There are many universal video playing apps for Mac, and it is difficult to pick the best one. QuickTime is a nice player, but it has its own limitations. So what are some […]

Splitting iTunes Library over Many Locations

Our iTunes collection keeps getting bigger and the free space keeps getting smaller. You can either increase the hard drive space, or divide the iTunes library over multiple locations. The second option seems […]

Restoring Jailbroken Apps – Thanks to AptBackup

Do you jailbreak your iOS devices? What happens if you lose it while upgrading your software? Though you cannot completely backup or recover everything if you ever lose jailbreak in software restore or […]

Using Labels of Mac OS X to Manage Files

Order is the essence of life- you cannot survive in chaos. There must be order in everything, and same goes for your Mac system. If you need any file that has gone missing, […]

Unrar Rar Files On Your Mac

Want to unrar your rar files? You have many ways to do so. There are some apps that can perform the unrar function for you, and all these apps are pretty much the […]

Stuff to do with New Mac

If you got a new Mac this Christmas then you should know what to do with it. Here are some things that you can do with your new Mac. File transfer If you […]

Recover your Lost iTunes Playlists

Oh my god, my iTunes playlist got accidentally deleted!! Seems like a small problem, but when you have all your favorite songs stored in one playlist, it really is hard to consider it […]

The Tab Toolkit

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Guitar ToolKit having been blown away by the application hours after buying it from the Apps store. Weeks on it still remains a firm favourite on […]

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