Must Have Apps for your Mac PCs

For many Mac computer users, you will surely wonder about “Are Mac apps for keeps?” This article will tackle different applications for a Mac computer. Every Mac user should have these apps installed […]

iTwin Device – Now Supports Mac OS X

iTwin, creator of the award-winning iTwin, claimed to be the world’s most secure personal cloud USB device, released Mac OS X support. “iTwin continues to innovate and improve their flagship product for use […]

Path Finder: A New Type of Finder

Over the past decade, very little has changed in the way Finder work, and most of the changes are visual enhancements. New options like creating smart folders or browsing through files using the […]

Tag Files with Mac Apps

We have a lot of important stuff that is stored on Mac. All that stuff needs to be managed properly, and one way for that is to group files. There are many Mac […]

Expand your Zip Files and Liquidate Them

If you are working on OS X, working on zip files is simple. Just double click on them and they will be unzipped. But there are some things that irritate us. Like, when […]

Turning off the Spotlight

There are many people who do not like working with Spotlight. It uses a lot of processing time and disk space as well. Turning it off will increase your system performance. Plus, turning […]

Uninstalling Software From Mac OS X Completely

Uninstalling anything is pretty easy – simply delete that program from Applications folder. You can also use an uninstaller, though it is not required in most cases. However, if you want to uninstall […]

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