How to erase the data on your Mac completely

For most of the people it is not a secret that when you delete a file on a Mac(or any other computer)you don’t actually erase it completely. The data for every file stays […]

MacKeeper: 911 for your Mac

How many maintenance apps and utilities do you have installed on your Mac? Ten? Twenty? What about just one application that does the job of those dozen apps you have? MacKeeper is exactly […]

2 Ways To Quickly Access Yesterday’s Files

Learn how to quickly access all files you were working on yesterday without caring about where they were stored or what folders they are located in.There are two ways to set this up […]

Put Your Tablet to Work

Tablet has become one of the essential gadgets that we use in our daily lives. Although, tablets are being used so as to insert the element of goodness within the work areas, but, […]

Automator Application

The application of Automator can be considered as one of the unsung heroes of Mac operating systems. With the help of this application, the user can automate the tasks that require to be […]

How To Get Macs And PCs To Play Nice Together

Although Mac operating systems and Windows PC are two separate operating system dimensions, but the can coexist together. This can be easily doe with the help of some tips mentioned below. Apple and […]

Fixing iTunes Glitches?

Whether we like it or not—and most of us do not—the Apple creation iTunes has become the only way to organise and listen to music in the modern world. In fact, with so […]

Locate Via Spotlight in Mac OS X Lion

If you are trying to find a specific content within your operating system or in your network and have no idea as to where to find it, the Spotlight feature of the Mac […]

Comparison of Mac vs PC

Is your Mac not working properly? If you are having trouble working with your Mac, then you should check your Mac and you should try to find basic reason behind the problem. There […]

A General Overview of Mac Apps

Do you know about Mac applications? The Mac is mostly used system in the world. The important question is that why most of the people prefer the Mac. The reason is that its […]

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