Facebook Down -What's Happening Now?

Facebook has just gone down and the world has gone me into overload… Facebook down ?  You would think its the end of the world!!! There has currently been no further communication from […]

How to get the unrealesed iPad Facebook App

Today it was found that Facebook had got there new iPad App Hidden inside the iPhone app which is already on the market. The new iPad app is a complete overhaul of their […]

How Hackers Accessed Apple's Computers Via iPhoneDevSDK.com

Yesterday we reported that some Apple employee’s laptops had been hacked after they were used to visit the well known iPhone developer forum iPhoneDevSDK. Today the owner of iPhoneDevSDK Ian Sefferman released some infomation […]

Were Is Facebook Integration In OS X Mountain Lion ?

There has been a lot of confusion since OS X Mountain Lion launched yesterday over were is the promised Facebook integration. A story on Fortune today only add even more confusion to the public as they […]

FaceBook On The iPad

For those of you reading who are both users of FaceBook and iPad’s then you are probably jumping up and down with joy at the news that FaceBook are going to launch an […]

Facebook are currently testing out "Happening Now"

Facebook are currently testing out there latest feature which is to be called “Happening Now” which is a sidebar feature which allows you to view your friends current and latest activities as they […]

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