AltaMail for iOS App Review

If you are not a fan of the built-in iOS Mail app then you could always go for the marginally better AltaMail, which has some handy little features included and is fairly easy […]

Email it Later – Postpone Email Delivery

We all wish that iOS had some kind of scheduling feature which could enable us to set a date and time for delivery of email messages. There are many times when we want […]

Send Thousands of Emails from your Mac

Macs are really productive and efficient. Take an emailing app. Take thousands of email addresses. You will have your own spamming machine. Or let’s say you don’t have malicious intentions. Mac can be […]

Optimization of Apple Mail

If you want the best mail client for your Mac OS X, then it is certainly Apple’s Mail application. It comes with each Mac, it is free, and it supports about all email […]

Some Vital Tips to Use FaceTime on Mac

FaceTime Mac allows people to video chat with their friends who use a 4th generation iPod touch, or iPhone 4. Though FaceTime Mac is in its beta version, but it is easy to […]

Using Mail Rules with MobileMe

Apple are currently offering users a beta of their new MobileMe service and one of the improvements includes a feature I have been harping on about for a few years (read here) mail […]

Apple Announce new Mobile Me Mail Beta

Apple have announced a new version of MobileMe Mail is coming and are inviting users to take part in Beta testing. I have to say I am particularly excited about this announcement as […]

Apple Delay New Remote?

I have just received an email to inform me the new version of the Apple remote I ordered won’t be shipping as planned and now has a two to four week wait. I […]

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