5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPhone 5

Today’s iPhone 5 announcement pleased some people but also left some people a little disappointed.  This is because the radical new design of the new device did not quite materialize like some people hoped it would! So Without […]

Is This The New iPad Mini?

Coming Soon? New Pictures of the iPad Mini

Leaked images have surfaced today, revealing what could be the iPad Mini due for release on October 17th. The images which appear to show a fully working product, appear to show the same […]

How to Set Up iCloud

You have probably heard of iCloud by now but just in case you are unfamiliar with it, it is a free backup service you can use for storage and syncing of multiple devices […]

Write 2 for iOS App Review

We all know how good the iPhone and iPad are as a means to make notes, especially the latter option due to its larger screen, but of course a decent device is only […]

iOS 6 Review

iOS 6 is here, a few days ahead of the long awaited release of the iPhone 5. The new device, as well as any others that follow, will already have it installed for […]

iPad Vs. Netbook: A Very Close Call

From the time Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage and announced the launching of iPad, actual as well as prospective users of the device started comparing it with a netbook. The question was […]

iPad 2 Built In Apps

You don’t have to spend money and hours scrolling through the app store to find the perfect apps for your iPad 2. If you’re worried about how much money you’ll have to spend […]

What You Didn’t Know About iTunes

iTunes is the go to music player on most computers all around the world. This is because most people around the world have at least one apple device that they use to play […]

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