The Daily App Report : Order Up!! To Go

Order up to go is a restaurant simulation app brought to you by Chillingo Ltd. The game lets you build a thriving restaurant from the ground up by chopping, rolling, slicing and dicing your way to culinary stardom. […]

The Daily App Report : The Sims FreePlay

From the creators of the Sims™ 3 series, comes a new app experience that you can now play for free on certain iDevices. You can create dream homes, get fully-furnished houses for your Sims, […]

The Daily App Report : Magic 2013

Magic The Gathering : Duels of the Planes-walkers  is the latest installment in the popular wizards of the coast card game series and the app offers new features to your playing experience, including statistics tracking for […]

The Daily App Report : Pokerstars Application

Morning everyone and welcome to the Daily App Report, today we are taking a look at the application for Pokerstars! Currently one of the worlds biggest poker rooms, the Pokerstars app features real and play […]

The Daily App Report: Smash Cops Heat

Smash Cops Heat is an Intense action racing app where you get to be the police in some of American’s most wild TV chases. Your driving skills are pitted against some of the most desperate and uncontrollable felons, and they are […]

The Daily App Report : GT Racing: Motor Academy Free

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free is a driving simulation and management app with some awesome features and graphics.  Its one of the richest racing simulators released on the app store and the best part of […]

The Daily App Report : Dungeon Hunter 3

Welcome back to the daily App report, today we are taking a detailed look at another very popular application on the app store, Dungeon Hunter 3. The land of Gothicus has been flooded […]

The Daily App Report : I'm Jack

Good Morning everyone, today we’re taking a look at an interesting app from UGR studios called I’m Jack. I’m Jack is a running game, but its no ordinary running game. The game features […]

The Daily App Report : Death Dome

Death Dome is a shoot’em up zombie app, complete with all the trimmings, including larger than life behemoths tearing around a virus infected city. The game is set in the virus ridden city […]

The Daily App Report : Jetpack Joyride

From the creators of the world famous fruit ninja app, comes Jetpack Joyride! You play Barry, who with his experimental jet-packs, aims to save the world from the science evildoers. You have access to weapons […]

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