Discovr Music App Review –

Discovr Music is a simple to use mind map of artist that you like. You can find it in the app store for ?1.49 which is a very decent price for iPad and […]

Skype Release Another IOS App

Skype has recently rebranded Skype Access to Skype WiFi, along with releasing another free application for IOS devices. The app will allow people with current Skype Credit to be able to log on […]

The Most Sought Apps for Mac

Don’t you know that the best features that Mac can provide come from various dedicated developers of software to perfect each and every Mac product? Yes, this is certainly true. The different applications […]

Must Have Apps for your Mac PCs

For many Mac computer users, you will surely wonder about “Are Mac apps for keeps?” This article will tackle different applications for a Mac computer. Every Mac user should have these apps installed […]

Inexpensive Apps to Boost your Mac

Having cool apps for your Mac is nice to have. Aside from rendering useful services to you, it also improves your Mac’s performance. There are various apps available at the Mac Apps Store […]

8 Best Apps For Mac

Have you been searching for various Mac applications that you want to install on your computer? Well, now is your chance to learn different Mac applications that you will surely love to use […]

The Best Guides For Mac

Do you know that you can boost Mac by acquiring apps? Cool applications for personalizing your Mac are now available at hand. And what’s more? They can be obtained for free! Yes, that […]

Your Mac Unit Is A Wonderland

If you have heard John Mayer‘s song, your body is a wonderland, you will see that human beings are creations that have more than mere humane characteristics. Humans can do a lot of […]

djay App review

Well a lot of us are fans of DJ Heros (not the game!), and wouldnt we all want to pull of them tracks! Now you can….. try your best, with the new djay […]

Shazam Application Review

Wow, what an app, im shocked. How does it do it? How many songs can it recognise? This has to be better than doddle jump, im sorry in not much of a gamer […]

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