November 16, 2011, Macintosh Product Updates

Product updates and announcements for Mac products for November 16, 2011 are as follows: Software Updates ShrinkRay X has been released by Crumple Pop and is a fully featured tilt shift effect for […]

Mac OS X Sandboxing Flaw Reported

A popular security firm for Mac researcher has reported a flaw in the sandboxing application of Mac OS X. The function is expected to be applicable on Mac App stores in the month […]

The Best Terminal Emulator For Mac OS X

The Mac OS X has built a great terminal editor but from various alternatives, one that has outclassed all similar programs is the iTerm2 which is considered as the best terminal emulator for […]

iWork On iCloud, iOS 5 And Mac OS X – A Review

When iOS 5 was launched earlier in October, a touting key feature of it was the capability to sync in seamlessly and create and atmosphere of sharing of documents between iPhones and iPads […]

October 31, 2011, Macintosh product updates

Product updates of Mac hardware and software for October31, 2011  are as follows: Software update TheMacBundles is a very  popular software developer for Mac operating systems.  Another exclusive offer has been released foe […]

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