The Daily App Report : Pew Pew

Were going all retro today in the daily app report, and if you like retro shooters then pew pew is right up your street. The game is a multi-directional shoot’em up that’s similar to Geometry Wars. You […]

The Daily App Report : Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a real time strategy app in which you build a spectacular village, train a huge army of troops and enter into combat with thousands of other players. The game is an […]

The Daily App Report : Spice Bandits

One of my favorite type of games in the whole world (without mentioning Sim City as that is my Favorite game type) is tower defense style games.  Spice Bandits is one of those types of […]

The Daily App Report : Dropbox

Dropbox is a great application for storage and transportation of your data securely and easily. The app lets you move pictures, files and videos anywhere and share them quickly and efficiently  The files are accessible from any device whether it be […]

The Daily App Report :

Do you love to create music?  If the answer to that question is yes then you are going to love today’s app review! We’re looking at an app called today, and this application lets […]

The Daily App Report : Skype

Today were taking a look at an application that most of the AFS team use on a daily basis to communicate work to the website. Skype is an instant message, voice and video […]

The Daily App Review : Comic's By ComiXology

Comic’s By Comixology is the number 3 Top Grossing iPad Application of 2012 and it looks like its future in 2013 is extremely bright. Comic’s is a new revolutionary way to read comic […]

The Daily App Report : Jasmine YouTube

The Jasmine YouTube App for iPad and iPhone is a fully functional YouTube client that’s runs on your iPad and iPhone. The app lets you do the usual things on YouTube like commenting, watching HD videos, subscribing to your favorite channels […]

The Daily App Report : Flipboard

Flipboard is a beautifully designed application for iPhone and iPad. The application creates a colorful personalized magazine out of everything that is shared with you whether it be on Facebook, News-feed, Twitter and even Google+. If you like […]

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