Cloud Computing : Keynote

So you’re a poor student and claim you can’t afford to buy iWork but still need to produce that all important presentation for yesterday, well if you have an internet connection you can […]

Boost your Ego via your iPhone

If you run your own blog, no matter what the topic you no doubt check a range of different statistics. There will be your feedburner subscription statistics that tell you the number of […]

57 Years of Barcodes comes to iPhone

Today sees the 57th anniversary of the birth of the data storing barcode. Google changed their front page to have “Google” as a bar code. (See the video below).  It seemed like the […]

EyeTV app for iPhone Review

Elgato has released the EyeTV app for iPhone and iPod touch. With the EyeTV app,  you can now watch live TV and recordings on an iPhone and even browse the detailed program guide.

Wallet : Secure your Digital Life

Back in the days when I used a Pocket PC and a windows computer I used a great application called CodeData to store all my software serial numbers and growing lists of passwords.

SimplyTweet offers Push

I now have more Twitter apps on my iPhone than games or productivity tools. This weeks sees the release of the twitter app with native push notifications. SimplyTweet for iPhone offers push notification […]

Sync Address book with Facebook

If you use Address Book in OSX you will know how powerful an application it is. You can store a stack of information about your contacts and even add custom fields to allow […]

The Guitar Toolkit

Sometimes you simply have to marvel at some of the apps that arrive on the iTunes Apps Store. My current app love comes in the form of the guitar toolkit. A really simple yet […]

Flickery : Flickr for your desktop

Back when Apple announced that iPhoto 09 was going to offer the ability to “export to flickr” I have to admit I was more than excited. iPhoto 09 arrived and suddenly I realised […]

Prizmo: OCR for Cameras

I can remember buying my first scanner from PC World. It could do everything, scan photos, scan photographic slides and even scan pages of text and convert them into a Microsoft Word file […]

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