Paypal Login Down ?

I have just tried to login  to and and the message i see is the image. I don’t think this is something to worry about but nothing is to confirmed and […]

Apple Launch Redesigned Support Website

Apple have launched a redesign of their main support page which they say should be a lot easier for people to find the help they need. For example the drop down menu’s with […]

Corona – easy or pointless?

Corona, the 15 year olds workstation. Thats whats said, millions of kids make their money from using the simple, well developed iOS and Android ‘framework’. Corona is a really easy to use, its […]

Jailbreaking iOS Device – Worth It?

I have recently Jail broken my iPhone 3GS due to a friend advising me that it was better off, I was a bit sceptical about it to be quite frank but immediately it […]

iPhone 5 Coming In September ?

With WWDC well over and no iPhone 5 it has generated a lot of disappointment. Instead we got iCloud,OS X Lion and IOS 5 which still brought a lot of excitement in to […]

No MacBook Airs But Unlocked iPhones ?

This is an update to our other article on the New MacBook Air Rumours. We now believe that there is not going to be any new MacBook Airs this wednesday as Chronicwire tweet […]

Facebook are currently testing out "Happening Now"

Facebook are currently testing out there latest feature which is to be called “Happening Now” which is a sidebar feature which allows you to view your friends current and latest activities as they […]

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