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Tag Files with Mac Apps

Tag Files with Mac Apps

We have a lot of important stuff that is stored on Mac. All that stuff needs to be managed properly, and one way for that is to group files. There are many Mac file tagging apps that will help you with this categorizing, grouping, and managing files.


This app will help you tag folders, files, photos, emails, bookmarks and many other things. You can use it with Spotlight to look for files. You can also make mailboxes and smart folders and combine the app with AppleScript. Manage tons of files with this app for just $20.


This app is built to work with Spotlight. It helps in tagging folders, files and bookmarks so that you can find them easily. It also helps in grouping files and enhances productivity.

Nifty box

Do you like Spotlight? If yes, then you should definitely try Nifty box. It allows you to tag files and add keywords to them.

And as the tags increase in number, you can arrange them in bundles to browse easily.

Default folder X

File saving dialogues of Mac can sometimes be frustrating, but with this app, you get a lot of easy options.

Pop up hierarchical menus reveal contents of the folder as the mouse hovers over them. Location menus use the location of save and open dialog and use it as pop up menu. You can use keyboard shortcuts in applications. You can also use its default pop up menus with no dialog box.

You can even include Spotlight keywords from save dialog. Plus you can assign your own default folder.


It helps you keep stuff at one location by easy drag and drop. You can tag, collect and preview documents, text, images, sounds, movies, web pages, and bookmarks. And you can access them easily the next time.


This app keeps all the important data organized. Yojimbo is very easy and extremely user friendly. It accepts things from text, images, bookmarks and pdfs to serial numbers, archives and passwords. All you need to do is drag, copy, import and print.


Fresh can be used to tag files and rate them. As you tag files, searching them using Spotlight becomes easier.

You don’t have to buy all of them because their features mostly overlap each other. All you need to do is to find the one that suits your requirements in the best way.

Have you ever tagged your files? The apps for this function are expensive. Are you ready to spend that much money? Let us know through your comments.


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