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SyncSpace: Infinite for iOS App Review

Some of the best apps are also some of the most simple ones, especially when they provide an electronic version of a well-known real-life application as they normally capture everything the original is capable of, as well as adding their own features that the real thing just cannot emulate. Let us not forget that the iPad is just a glorified notepad that you can play Angry Birds on. The classic whiteboard has been given the app treatment now and the result is a virtual version that works in much the same way as a real-life whiteboard, complete with multiple marker pens so that more than one person can participate at a time. SyncSpace: Infinite is available now from the App Store for $7.99, although there is a more limited free version available too appropriately called SyncSpace: Free.

SyncSpace certainly lives up to its name as it provides just that- a space that can be synced. Of course there is more to it than that and it provides a platform to be creative and work on whatever projects you see fit, either alone or with others across a number of devices. The app is easy to use and allows you to share your content with other users, making it perfect for collaborative projects. A simple interface provides various tools that give you enough freedom to sketch and draw to your heart’s content and the controls are nice and intuitive so you should pick it up quickly enough.

Tools include paint brushes varying in thickness, text entry and importing images. Once you are ready you can then send your SyncSpace on to others, who can either view it or edit it themselves. Sharing is also easy and can be done either over a Wi-Fi connection or via 3G internet. This is a very quick and efficient process and any changes made on one device will show up on a shared device almost instantly. When it comes to sharing, you can either send a link that has been copied to the clipboard, send an iMessage, emailed or even shared to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

SyncSpace is both useful and fun and can be used for whatever purpose you need it for, even if you just want to play tic-tac-toe with a friend, although obviously it is capable of more than that. If you do go for the free version you will only be able to create three drawings and after that you will need to upgrade to the paid version to carry on using it but that should be enough to figure out whether this is an app for you or not. However, these three pictures can also be deleted to free up space so upgrading may not even be necessary.

You may find the $7.99 price tag a little steep and whether it is worth paying this depends on the kind of use you expect to get out of the app. But whether you go for Free or Infinite, it is certainly worth a look and could prove to be a useful tool. It may be simple but don’t let that fool you.

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