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Stuff to do with New Mac

Stuff to do with New Mac

If you got a new Mac this Christmas then you should know what to do with it. Here are some things that you can do with your new Mac.

File transfer

If you are moving files from your old Mac to a new one, then it is going to be easy- thanks to the migration assistant. You can use it to transfer files and user accounts along with network settings and applications. All you need to do is to start Migration Assistant placed in Applications-> Utilities. Now connect backup media to the new Mac, or connect the old one to Ethernet cable or Firewire.

Software updating

Though you got a fresh and latest Mac, you will probably feel the need to update its software. You can select the option of Software Update from Apple Menu bar. The system will check for updates and tell you if there are new ones available. You can see many updates like printer drivers, or security updates etc. You can update and get new drivers. Once you have nothing more to update, you can move on.

Data syncing

The easiest way to keep mail is MobileMe. You can also keep bookmarks, calendars and contacts and sync them across various iOS and Mac devices. You can also share images, files, and movies from your hard disk. You can even use to open your webmail, contacts, calendar etc in a Mac like environment. So ok, MobileMe would cost you $99 per year for a single user, and $150 per year for 5 users, but you can still shop around.

Lets the games begin

Though people think that Mac is not for games, this is not true. You might be a casual gamer just looking for a few hours to kill, or you may be a die hard gaming fan- Mac can solve your purpose. If you are looking for places to shop, you might want to check out Steam, the online gaming store. You can register there for a free account. Just download Steam app and begin browsing.

and finally – Safari customization

Apple Safari is considered to be the best browser for Mac, and it is getting better, because there are countless Safari plugins, extensions and many more add-ons that improve ad enhance its performance. If you want to customize it, just open Safari from Dock and go to Safari-> Safari Extensions Gallery. Keep looking until you get something that you like. Once you get something, you can click the Install Now button, and append it to Safari features. There are many options to select from.

If you are among the people who got a Mac this Christmas, then you know what to do and how to begin. These steps will help you out even if it’s your first Mac, or another one. Tell us if you have any other ideas about what to do with a new Mac.

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