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Studiometry 10.0 for Mac App Review

Running your own business is no simple venture, whether you are managing yourself or a team of 50, and it can be a real pain keeping track of projects and invoices. There are a number of project management tools out there, such as Freshbooks, but there is another great one for the Mac that is easy to use and may be exactly what you are looking for. Studiometry 10 is available now for $200.

Studiometry is a superior business management program that will help you keep on top of your employees, no matter how big the company gets. Getting started is easy enough and you will immediately be presented with the option of setting it up for a single user or multiple users on a computer, setting up a new server or connecting to an existing one. There are also templates available for quotes, invoices and reports to make things simpler, although if you prefer you can create them all yourself. While you can start everything from scratch, it is also relatively easy to import existing data from elsewhere into the program. However this can be a bit of a drag and, in some cases, more trouble than it is worth so you may be better off starting again anyway.

With your database done you are then taken to the main application where all your business information can be found. A list provides quick links to your clients, projects, contacts, to-dos and calendars, which serve as filters. Employees can be added to your project and then you can decide what kind of access they have to the program. For example you could opt to keep all but the most basic data from them, depending on what kind of business you are running. He an employee is logged in the app can record how much time they are spending on a project, providing an accurate solution to invoicing, while all activity can be synced to your own accounting system to keep track of it all.

It can all get rather complicated but the basic functions are easy and intuitive so you should have no trouble getting started. If you do need a little push then there are video tutorials on the Studiometry website to guide you through the basics. With a little work though you should soon find your way around it all and you will find that it offers a very flexible approach to dealing with business management. Whether you are keeping track of a single employee or have a large team to manage, you can tailor the program to suit your needs and use it across a server or simply have it active on a single computer. However, you will need separate licenses for each connected client and if you are hoping to sync from an iOS device it will cost an additional $40 a year.

Overall Studiometry is an excellent management tool, even if it can be a little complicated at times. It does a great job of tracking projects, employees and clients and, if you don’t mind the extra costs, it does an effective job of syncing your data too.

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