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Streaming/Digital Video Convertor Apps Free for Mac

Streaming/Digital Video Convertor Apps Free for Mac

The Mac Store is full of low priced items, but if you browse enough, you will find great apps for free. There are some really nice apps that work on not just Mac, but on Windows as well. Let’s see which video apps are the best.


Audio and video files take a lot of space from mobile devices, but with networking, you can store them on the computer external drive and access it using your mobile devices. And this is just what StreamToMe does.

Download it on your Mac along with ServeToMe. You can get access to all the DRM protected video, audio and image content in the iTunes library and finder. This app works with many types of media files like FLV, MP4, M4A, AAC, TIFF and JPG.

iVI Video Convertor

If you have a ripped DVD that you wish to convert to play on your iPad or iPhone, it will become really easy- thanks to iVI.

As you launch this app, you will find instructions written on the screen. You just have to drag and drop videos from finder to iVI application and it will convert them to the right format. Though it is not a fast process, yet it will get your job done.

Miro VideoConvertor

This app is simple- just like iVI, but with more options on conversion formats. Miro converts almost all videos for Apple and Android devices, and Ogg Theora and WebM formats. The limitation of this app is that it can convert one video file at a time. But still this app is great, since it is free.

MOSO video editor

You can record and edit videos you took from your web cam, or import photos and videos from computer. It includes background music as well as title effects. There are 50 effects and you can have fun with all of them. And when your video production is ready, you can share it on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The basic Moso functions are pretty instinctive, so an instructional guide would help you out.

Which format do you mostly use for your videos? And which format do you convert your files to? Let us know about the file formats you use and related apps.


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