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Storific Teams Up With Paypal For Easy iPhone Dining

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A new iPhone app called Storific could change the way we dine by allowing you to place an order and pay for it before you even arrive at the restaurant, Storific carries out payments through PayPal so you can have your food waiting for you by the time you arrive. Using Storific, you will be able to browse participating restaurants in the area, read their menus, place an order and pay for it without even leaving the house. After that it is simply a case of turning up and grabbing your food.

Storific is designed to improve both the customer’s convenience and the ordering systems of local businesses. An issue places face is that third-party websites, such as Seamless and GrubHub, which are designed for online ordering, charge participating businesses a percentage of what they earn whenever a customer goes through them to place an order. This is money that the business would normally receive in full if the customer paid on the premises and Storific aims to provide a service where the only charges are the standard ones paid by PayPal users.


It is this PayPal integration that will hopefully attract businesses to Storific over other similar clients as they will have smaller fees to pay and will receive payments for orders immediately in their own accounts. It makes the whole system simple and hassle-free for customers and businesses alike.

The system is not without its flaws though and until more businesses sign up to utilise it, there will only be a limited selection of restaurants to choose from. Added to this is the ability for a restaurant to pause their mobile orders during busy periods, which is perfectly reasonable if they are unable to provide proper service in these times but it still remains an inconvenience for customers.

However both of these problems should gradually phase out over time. Storific seems like the kind of app that can only grow and attract more businesses. Once this happens there will be more menus to choose from and it will not matter so much if one place is rejecting orders.

This concept is undeniably convenient as it will allow you to skip the wait after ordering your food, but when it comes to dining in a restaurant, it does seem to take something away from the experience. However this is the kind of complaint that will not apply to all. Some people like to sit down in restaurants, have a drink and a chat while they wait and generally take their time. Others will have no desire to waste time on such niceties and prefer to have their food there and then, so they will probably embrace the idea of instant gratification.

Whichever way you look at it this is an excellent idea from a practical point of view, especially when it comes to ordering takeaway food. It will be nice to be able to skip the queue and have your food ready and paid for the moment you arrive, even if some social conventions do suffer slightly.

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