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Splitting iTunes Library over Many Locations

Splitting iTunes Library over Many Locations

Our iTunes collection keeps getting bigger and the free space keeps getting smaller. You can either increase the hard drive space, or divide the iTunes library over multiple locations. The second option seems viable. And how can you do it? Simple. Follow these steps:

Split them wisely

You need to decide which file will go where. Let’s divide them according to their media type- audio files on hard drive and video ones on external drive.

Tip: It is always safe to keep a backup of your precious iTunes files. Since you have spent money on downloading them, it is better that you back them all up on your external disk drive.

Organize stuff

Keep all the files in a separate folder and name the folder something like iTunes videos or iTunes movies. This will let you know what lies in which folder. Now drag your TV and Movies folder to this new folder. This would keep things well managed for you.

Spring cleaning time

Now you have moved files to the external drive. But they are still lying on their original location as well. So make sure you delete them from there. After all, we need to save some disk space. iTunes will confirm your decision by asking you if you really want to move those files to trash or to keep them on the hard drive. Select move to trash. This will give you a lot of disk space.

Connecting them

Now you want the external drive files into the iTunes library. All you have to do is to select the folders that you have sent to the external drive. Now press the option key of the keyboard and while pressing it, drag the folders in iTunes. When you hold the option key, it means that the files are not getting copied into the iTunes hard drive folder, but iTunes is just making links to those files.


and done! Your iTunes library is now stored at multiple locations. If you need more Apple tips, check out the previous posts, and the new ones to come. If you have some tips, let us know and we might publish them.


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