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Spigen Linear Blitz Case for iPhone 5

There are so many cases to choose from. You have everything from generic to premium cases that come in different sizes and offerings of protection. Many sacrifice phone design for maximum protection while others keep it minimalistic. Today I am going to show you the Spigen Linear Blitz case for the iPhone 5 in action and my experience with it the last couple of weeks.

The Linear Blitz caught my eye from the beginning, it had the premium look & feel. It was one of the first cases that looked as good as the iPhone 5 hardware that I have seen so far. The materials used are just a great. The back panel is 100% aluminum while the frame is made of polycarbonate (plastic) material with a metallic finish.

The case assembly caught me off guard as it was the first of its kind that I have seen. This case is a three piece case: aluminum back panel, large/upper frame piece, and small/lower frame piece that fit together perfectly. The aluminum back panel is pleasant on the eyes with its brushed metal design available in many colors. The assembly of the case make it easy to apply & minimize possible damage when disassembling. What makes this case even better is that the parts are interchangeable if you want to change up the color combinations.

The cutouts are perfectly aligned allowing for easy access and zero obstructions. Spigen did a great job with the diamond cut around the camera that makes it look great without having to worry about camera issues. The cutout for the mute switch is perfect but the thickness prevent for easy switching. Cutouts for the charging port & headphone jack are as expected allowing the use of different size headphones. I did find some issues charging with 3rd party charging cables since some make theirs thicker than others. There is a grid cutout for the speakers providing protection but allows quality sound to still permeate.

The physical buttons are protected by plastic that has a system that allows for easy push actions that is very responsive. The plastic is simple and durable unfortunately does not have a metal finish. Overall I am very happy with the covered physical buttons because they are not difficult to use, in fact, they make it easier.

The length the iPhone 5 has made it difficult to hold but the added width from the case has actually helped a lot. The curvature of the case towards the front of the screen looks amazing. It really keeps true to the iPhone 5 design giving it an elegant look. There is enough thickness on the screen that creates a barrier when placed screen first on a a smooth surface.

Early reports & reviews indicated that the case caused Wi-Fi connectivity reduction. Since then the issue was addressed by Spigen. I’ve had zero issues with reduced Wi-Fi connectivity when using this case. Overall it has been an amazing experience since the Linear Blitz case provides great protection, keeps the iPhone look great, and is a premium product. The aluminum does get a bit slippery when my hand sweats luckily it is easy to clean.

Everything about the Linear case by Spigen screams premium & high quality. There are a handful of cases that I believe are worth the retail price. I believe the Linear case has joined that list. The Linear Blitz come in Metal Slate, Metal Red, and Satin Silver all of which look great but the one you see right now is the Metal Slate. Retail price for the Linear Blitz case goes for $31.99 through & Amazon.

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This is easily one of my favorite cases ever. I couldn’t find anything that I truly disliked about this case. It has everything I am looking for: good protection, amazing design, easy access to controls, and most importantly it visually appealing to the eye. The customization is just the cherry on to. Many people believe all you need is one great case for your smartphone. The Linear Blitz by Spigen can be that case.
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