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Song Genie 2 Released

Song Genie 2 Released

You might remember our mini review of Song Genie last January well today sees the release of an even more advanced music management application in the form of Song Genie 2. Music fans can now improve their music collection quickly and easily with lyrics and automatically label tracks with all available song information. equinux introduces SongGenie 2, the new version of its software for improving digital music libraries. SongGenie 2 automatically searches online for lyrics, which can be displayed on your iPod or iPhone. Using an acoustic fingerprint for each song, SongGenie recognizes incorrect or mis-labeled titles and artists, and searches for available song information.

The design of the Dark Flow user interface has been optimized through several iterations, helping to meet the needs of music lovers. With an index card system, the user can scroll through their music, view a preview of the found lyrics and apply titles with the click of a button.

Add lyrics to your music

SongGenie 2 checks freely accessible web archives for lyrics and saves them directly in the music file. In addition, users can browse through a fully configurable web search which they can use to look up rare lyrics. SongGenie detects passages of text on various websites and can apply the found text with a single mouse click. Users can even check the found lyrics by listening to the song in SongGenie itself.

Get more from your music

SongGenie creates an acoustic fingerprint to help find out more information about a piece of music: in addition to title, artist and album name, you can specify the song genre, the year of publication and the track number. All other song information can be edited easily with the sleek user interface. SongGenie automatically recognizes over 80 percent of songs in an average music library.

See what’s missing from your collection

SongGenie contains sophisticated algorithms to analyze the state of song information labels and can display the status of the entire collection. With the improved interface users can sort all songs by the quality of song labels and and cover art resolution, as well as the availability of lyrics. SongGenie supports iTunes-compatible music formats MP3, AAC, MP4, Apple Lossless, WAV, and AIFF to be able to identify and label songs. SongGenie works independently of iTunes, and regardless of where the music is stored.

Pricing and availability

SongGenie 2 is available immediately for $29.95 or €24.95 (incl. German VAT) on the equinux Online Store. Registered users can upgrade SongGenie for a discount using the equinux License Manager. A boxed version will soon be available in Apple retail stores. Users who have bought SongGenie in the last four weeks will receive a free upgrade to SongGenie. SongGenie is translated into German and English, and a French version will soon follow.

More information is available here.

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