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Some Vital Tips to Use FaceTime on Mac

Some Vital Tips to Use FaceTime on Mac

FaceTime Mac allows people to video chat with their friends who use a 4th generation iPod touch, or iPhone 4. Though FaceTime Mac is in its beta version, but it is easy to use, plus it’s free! Have you worked on FaceTime on Mac? If not, here is how it works:

FaceTime Mac works similar to its iPod touch version. You have to sign in using your Apple id, and if someone has your email id in their contact list, they can click on your name to make a call to you.

But since everyone has more than one email address, maybe your Apple email address is not on your friends’ lists. If that’s the case, you have a way out. Go to Preferences under FaceTime, and you can increases the number of email addresses linked to your account by selecting Add Another Email. Apart from that, you even have an option to select the email address that would show up when you call someone.

FaceTime Mac does not quit as you close it. Instead, it goes on standby mode. In case you get a call from someone while the FaceTime application is not open, then it will get automatically launched and you can now accept or reject the call. If you want to switch off the application, then you can go to FaceTime > Preferences > On/Off.

Keyboard shortcuts

In case you don’t want to rely too much on menus, you can use keyboard shortcuts as well. Some keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Command R to change orientation- from landscape to portrait and vice versa
  • Command Shift F to go to full screen view
  • Command K to sign out of FaceTime

Controls while on call

As you chat, the controls will be hidden, unless you move the mouse pointer over the screen. Then you can see various options like End, Mute, Full screen etc. When you are in the video menu, you have more options. You can mute the call if you want. You can even switch between the microphones that you would want to use for your call.

Discover more as you work on it. Tell us what you think about FaceTime for Mac.

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