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Some Predictions for Apple In 2012

Some Predictions for Apple In 2012

Expecting from Apple can sometimes turn out to be quite a dangerous game but, that does not mean that one should consider it worth not trying. Below mentioned are five aspects which can be predicted by Apple in the upcoming year. Some of these things have been predicted on the basis of rumors as well as some signs that have been indicated by the company, whereas, others might be the case of an outright speculation that has been derived from the trends of releases that have been the habit of the company.

Another factor that is worth mentioning is the lack of predictability of Apple which tends to make it a very interesting company in terms of launches. This aspect can be rightfully defined by the release of the iPhone 4S which was predicted nowhere in sight.

Siri Opened Up To Software Developers

The application of Siri has experienced a major hit since its release with the Apple’s iPhone 4S in the month of October, but, the fact, there is something lacking in it. The current implementation of the program has been limited to the certain Web queries as well as with Apple’s own applications. The missing aspect is that as to how will Apple hook it up with the half a million applications that are on the App Store.

Apple took a little less than four months after the release of the iPhone to launch the software developer kit. In case of the Siri, the applications are already present along with the tools which make them. However, most of the work of Siri is compatible with Apple servers and has been presently limited to the iPhone 4S.

The question is whether developers will take on some extra work for a single device? Well, they certainly did in the case of iPhone 4 and its transforming into the Retina display along with the iPad and its bigger resolution issues.

The End of Mac Pro

The sales of desktops did not touch the peak as it used to when the initial model of the Mac Pro (the Power Mac G5) was launched in the year 2003. Although, the sales figure pertaining to the Mac hardware has also seen considerable growth, the sales proceeds of the notebooks have eventually surpassed the company’s desktop sales in the year 2004.

So why to carry on Mac Pro? This has some roots back to the company in offering professionals some beefy workstations. But, today, it can be considered as the only product of Apple that simply fits nowhere.

According to an anonymous report, there has been seen a sharp reduction in the sales of Apple’s workstations and this alarming drop have forced the executives to reconsider as to whether investment in the product should be continued or not. Moreover, no major overhaul is also given on the part of the Apple in its processors which makes the chances dimmer.

A Brand New iPhone

Since the introduction of the iPhones in the market, Apple has a trend of releasing these devices every year. The model, iPhone 4 was the last as well as a major alteration in the design factor of Apple’s iPhone along with the release of 4S inserting in higher speedier guts within the iPhone 4.

Some expectations associated with the new release are certainly a bigger screen. Although, the 3.5 inch screen has served quite well to Apple, but, there are other rivals in the market who have launched products of 4 inches. Some other aspects includes a jump to the 4G networking, the option of near field communication (NFC) so as to transfer information between several devices and yes, some additional tweaks to the processor and the camera.

Apple Ditches Google for Map Service

The close ties between Google and Apple’s first ever iPhone is expected to break off next year if the company decides to develop its own mapping service. The reason behind this break point can be associated to the tensions arising between both the organizations with the increasing ties of Androids and Google’s operating system.

But, there have also been some reporting that Apple has renewed its contract with Google so as to use its mapping services earlier in the ongoing year which throws out some cold water on the above prediction.

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