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Some Momentum Moments of Apple In 2011

Some Momentum Moments of Apple In 2011

2011 came out as a big year for Apple fans and its product users came to experience a lot of exciting products and the company itself collected an astounding quantity of momentum.

Of course, the loss of Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. was a huge loss to the company and his passing away in the month of October gave a big shock to the employees, but, apart from this there were several releases and launches which he had planned and had made in this ending year.

Mentioning date wise, Apple applications board was opened on the 6tth of January under the name of Mac App Store which claimed to replicate an astounding success of the App Store of iOS devices on to the Mac systems.

Although, there were some application developers who did not consider the idea of Apple cutting off 30 percent of their profits but, the main reason behind this store concept was to make available most of the programs and software for Mac operating systems onto a single place.

The next big thing in this year for Apple was the getting of iPhone in to the Verizon carrier service. It was the month of February when Apple managed to convince to people that iPhone is getting the carrier service of Verizon in addition to AT&T for its U.S based customers. Apparently AT&T did not crumble along with the Verizon to not to offer any new cellular data fees or a new contract that were quite better than that of the AT&T’s. After this, Verizon hold the credit of a tremendous increase in the sales of iPhones which made things a lot easier for iPhone users.

Then came March in which the latest model of iPads, the iPad 2 was announced to be immediately available in the market. Since, other tablets entered into the market in the first half of the year 2011, it became very hard to defeat the Apple’s iPad. Moreover, the pricing factor also came out to be affordable with $499 USD and $629 USD for the model of 3G and GPS.

Starting of the second fiscal quarter of Apple, recorded 3.76 million Mac systems sold out which an increase of 28 percent as compared to the last year’s same quarter. The sales of iPhones was 18.65 million presenting a unit growth rate of 113 percent. Moreover, the sales of the iPod were recorded to be 9.02 million units which showed a 17 percent decline in terms of units.

Recording growth of 83 percent having a profit growth of 95 percent, Jobs declared that the company will continue to apply innovative fronts throughout all the product aspects of the company.

In the month of August, the valuation of Apple, Inc in the form of a company passed high above Exxon and became the world’s most valuable organization which was a great revelation for the Apple fans.

Over the year, there have been several upgrades to the MacBooks lineup, latest features for the iMac and finally an up gradation for the Mac Mini. Moreover, CPU enhancement was quite evolutionary which eventually resulted in the delivering of white iPads and iPhones.

Then came June, in which a major release by Apple of OS X Lion was made having incorporating over 250 features within it. This release was made alongside the iOS and the application of iCloud. The OS X Lion release recorded a 1 million Mac fans to get this up gradation and later on referred it to as the fastest selling Mac system of the company.

On the 4th of October, Apple launched iPhone 4S, iOS5 and the program of iCloud. These releases were very much appreciated by their fans and among all the Siri application as an iPhone 4S assistant came out to be a huge success.

Five days after the death of Steve Jobs, the pre-orders of iPhone 4S topped to 1 million units at the first day of its availability.

Later on, in the beginning of November, Apple freezed all the launching procedures, so as to let the holiday season pass away without confusion.  They declared it as a time to take some rest but Apple, is of course, still busy in its work and had opened a retail store of high profile in the New York. The company also recorded on the 12 of December that it has recorded more than 100 million downloads of applications from the Mac App Store this year.

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