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Some Handy Lion Tips And Tricks

Some Handy Lion Tips And Tricks

Some time before, Mac OS X Lion made an escape from the Mac App Store and took up its new home as the Macs place all around the world. And as far as the reports are concerned, most of its users have given it a very warm welcome as well as an important place within their homes and their lives. Unrevealing the elements of newly released operating system is the fun part and in this article I will cover some of these aspects.

Despite of the efforts made by Apple to include more than 250 additional features within the Lion version onto their website, there are several features that are being discovered on a daily basis which is the main reason as to why Mac users have maintained their interest within these models.


Below mentioned are some of the handy tips and tricks of Mac OS X Lion version.


FaceTime Calling

The operating system has added up a FaceTime calling option which develops a link between the Address Book which makes the process of keeping up with friends and family members quite an easy work. Opening up the contact option, the user has to select any e-mail address and activate the FaceTime application so as to enjoy your chat session.


Assigning Of Desktops

All the applications within the Mac OS X Lion can now be easily assigned to different desktops, to all desktop or to none at all, straight from the Dock. His can be done by simply Ctrl-click onto the required app, go to the options located within the pop up menu and select the appropriate option from the Assign To feature.


iPhoto Faces

The OS X Lion has also made it a very easy process to link in images with your contacts saved in the Address Book by creating a link to the feature of iPhoto Faces. All you have to do is to double click on the icon of the application located at the bottom left of the screen and start within your iPhoto library. Select the image from it and configure it such as zooming in and cropping and you will be all set to attach a picture with the contact.


Encrypt External Drive

The Mac OS X Lion users has the ability to encrypt the overall volume of the system rather than of simply encrypting the Home folder which was the feature of the Mac’s predecessors but, in addition to this the users are now able to encrypt the FireWire drives as well as the external USB drive. The option will be appeared in the feature of Disk Utility at the stage of formatting the disk.


Navigate With Gestures

With the help of all the latest gestures included within the system, it is no longer a surprise for it’s users that Apple Inc. has eliminated the method of navigating back and then forth through the windows Finder option. But, by this way or another, this feature is still present, all you have to do is to hold down the Option key whereas, the user swipes from left to right by his/her fingers depending on how the feature has been configured so as to navigate between the Finder window rather than of using spaces.


File Sorting

The latest Mac version has introduced a new toolbar option for the purpose of sorting out files that are based on a variety of options which is inclusive of the file name, format type, kind, and the option of four date-related features, the label, size or none. Through this way, the files are kept the way they were saved in the Snow Leopard. The user is now available to keep files and folders separate from documents which make the search process of files and documents a lot easier.

Smart Zoom

The feature of gestures seems to be one of the greatest reasons as to why so many people are attracted towards the Lion, but among these, few might have been a bit overlooked. Among many, the Smart Zoom which has been designed to emulate the iOS by allowing the user to double-tap with two fingers in Safari so as to zoom into the web content. The user has to ensure that the option is turned on from the System Preferences and Trackpad first. The option also operates excellently under full screen Safari browser also.

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