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Some Full Screen Minimal Mac Writing Applications

Some Full Screen Minimal Mac Writing Applications

There are many controls to distract us as we work on our systems. It’s frustrating to write something whilst an icon jumps on the dock. For this reason, minimalist writing apps are good to keep distractions away. Let’s look at some good writing apps.


Available at just $7.99, this one is a great app for simple writing. It’s got a light grey background and no extra buttons. There aren’t a lot of features here and it is very basic in nature. There are keyboard shortcuts and focus setting to highlight specific text parts.

There is also a text editor toolbar that can be invoked by shortcuts so that you are able to manage your work while working on the text.


This app has been named the best in its niche. It is like Byword, but has extra features, like font selection, color settings etc.

Though this app has a lot of features, it still keeps the writing atmosphere neat and clean. Do not change the settings too frequently as it might overwhelm you.

It comes at $24.99 but has a lot of useful features.

Clean Writer

This one is a really inexpensive answer to your needs and comes at $3.99. Though it does not do the same work as the previous two apps, but it provides a clean writing atmosphere. There are some options about font type, font size and the like. It might not have much, but it offers a lot for its price.


This is a very basic editor and comes very cheap- just for $2.99. It is just a bare-bone app, and is not very visually appealing. But it has features like word count, selection of fonts, full screen etc. There are some helpful elements like words per minute, time worked etc.


Though it is not like other text editing apps, but it does give you a minimalistic writing experience. It is basically an app that lets you watch full screen as you type stuff. You can write things in full screen view and when your work is done, it will be copied to the clipboard automatically, so that you are able to paste it on the text editor of your choice.

This might not be the most convenient application, but you might want to try it to get its look and feel. Plus it is not really expensive- at just $4.99 from the App Store.

Wrapping up

Apart from these, there are other free apps too.

Have you ever worked on any of these apps? Which one did you find to be the best? Do write to us and let us know about your views on these apps.


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