Collins Atlas for iPhone App Review

There was once a time before the widespread use of the internet that anyone born before 1990 will remember, when if you wanted to find something out about the world you had to […]

Crazy Talk 7 for Mac Review

Animation can be a great medium with a variety of uses if you know how to do it. Whether entertaining, telling a story or just complementing a presentation, putting your words into the mouth of an animated

Carmageddon for iOS Game Review

If you were a gamer back in the 90s then you may remember the pre-GTA controversy that arose when Carmageddon was released. For those who are new to it or are too young […]

Lightt for iPhone App Review

Lightt is a difficult app to categorise because, although it deals with photos, it brings a fresh new approach to the medium. Instagram may be the photo filtering software that everyone has gone crazy

Circa News for iPhone App Review

The problem with current affairs is that there are just so many of them and if, like me, you are one of those people who does not keep up with the news, has the honest intention to but no idea where to

Weave for iPhone App Review

Everyone needs reminders from time to time, whether it is to make it to a big important business meeting on time or simply to make sure you don’t forget to watch the next […]

iGrand Piano for iPad App Review

The iPad has its fair share of music production apps, such as the excellent GarageBand, and provides an effective platform for creating your own musical masterpieces, whether you are an accomplished musician

TakTik iPhone 4 Case Review

If you are one of those Apple customers who have yet to upgrade to the iPhone 5, whether for economic reasons or simply because you are happy with your current handset and see no need to change yet, then

Fodor’s Travel Phrases for iPhone App Review

I remember a time when one of the most important things you could pack before travelling abroad was the phrase book. Walk into a country with a different language without one and you would be lost with

TV Guide Mobile for iOS Review

If you watch a lot of TV, follow a specific show or just want to keep track of what movies are going to be on, chances are you look at a TV guide one way or another. Maybe you buy an official one, maybe

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