FMFinder App Review

When you look at just how much music is being created all over the world from many different sources every day, you realise just how easy it is to miss out on something good. While the charts are an obvious

Rockmelt for the iPad App Review

You may already be familiar with Rockmelt as it established itself as a Mac browser some years ago but now it is back and has been retooled as an iPad app. Rockmelt is […]

270toWin for iPad App Review

The presidential election is just around the corner and whether you are particularly political or not, or even American, you can’t deny that this is an exciting time. Few events are so open […]

Noteshelf for iPad App Review

In this day and age you are very likely to see an iPad used in place of notepads everywhere you go. It makes sense in a way, considering the convenience they provide, as […]

Marlee Signs for iPhone App Review

Our ability to speak and hear is something that we tend to take for granted, it’s a classic case of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. While not everyone loses […]

Tweetbot for Mac OS X Review

Love it or hate it, Twitter is huge and here to stay and in its defence, it can be both a fun and useful networking tool, as well as a way to stalk […]

iBooks 3 for iPad App Review

With the iPad Mini about to hit the shelves it comes as no surprise that Apple have updated their excellent iBooks app, just in time to let the new device showcase its small but hi-resolution screen. However

Review of Tweetbot for Mac

Twitter has an estimated 450 million users, a number that is sharply increasing by the day with the social networking platform used for business and pleasure. It is filled with quirky silliness but […]

Echograph for iPad App Review

There are so many photography apps for iOS devices these days it can be difficult to know which ones do what and after a while they all tend to blur into one. There […]

iOS 6 Upgrades Reach 61%

Reception for iOS 6 has been slightly mixed but generally positive. People have had the odd complaint, usually related to the disappointing Maps app that so far has failed to be a suitable replacement

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