Band of the Day for iOS App Review

It is always exciting when you discover a new band, especially when they have been around for a while and have a back catalogue for you to work through. Discovering new music often […]

Koku App Review

Personal finance is always a bit of a burden to have to work through, no matter how good or bad your financial situation can be. it does help that there are all kinds of applications to guide you through

Vjay for iPhone App Review

By now you will know all too well that the App Store is flooded with endless photo editing applications and they never seem to end. With so many of them clogging up the […]

Localscope for iPhone App Review

It is often the case for many people that they one day realise just how long they have lived in a place without really getting to know it. You go to the same […]

Beamr for iPhone App Review

Another day has come and gone and with it we have a new photography app for the iPhone. This time the focus is on photo sharing but before you dismiss it as another […]

Calendars by Readdle for iOS App Review

Once again, another calendar app has hit the App Store and is trying to compete against the many others out there, as well as enhance the built-in iOS Calendar app. It is usually the case that any app

Explore Shakespeare for iPad App Review

In a world where text-speak is becoming a little bit too overused and fewer people are using language and grammar properly, it seems appropriate that the works of Shakespeare are making an impact […]

NowThis News App Review

Being responsible grownups living busy lives and using the advanced technology Apple have been nice enough to give us, it is our responsibility to read the news and keep up with what is going on in the

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone Review

It was bound to happen eventually. Everyone is addicted to Angry Birds (don’t lie, you are) and everyone loves Star Wars so it is only a logical move for the two to combine […]

8tracks Radio for iPhone App Review

The mix tape is an art form that future generations will never truly get to appreciate. While it is easy enough to make someone a mix CD and the sound will be of […]

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