Zite 2.0 for iOS App Review

There are a lot of news apps out there that approach the subject in a variety of ways but perhaps some of the most useful ones are those that present aggregated news from a variety of sources as it helps

AltaMail for iOS App Review

If you are not a fan of the built-in iOS Mail app then you could always go for the marginally better AltaMail, which has some handy little features included and is fairly easy […]

Gmail for iPhone and iPad Update Review

Gmail for iPhone and iPad has been given a complete overhaul, although it may look familiar to some. It has not been long since Google acquired Sparrow but now just five months later it is very easy to

Little Snitch for Mac App Review

While working on your Mac you may have noticed that it has a habit of doing things without asking you first, which can be annoying and slightly worrying if you are unsure what action it is taking. While

Sensu Brush Review

One of the great things about the iPad and there really are many, is that you can things you would be able to do on a regular pad of paper, only this way […]

WordPress for iOS App Review

If you are one of the millions of people with a WordPress blog then you may be looking for a way to update it while out and about. After all, you never know when inspiration will strike. If this is the

Questioning Autism for iPhone App Review

When you have a baby or young child it is perfectly normal to panic over every tiny hint that there might be something wrong with them. It is good that you care so much, although you might lose a lot of

Facearound for iPad App Review

Every town has a lot going on, although you may not be aware of it, but if you look around and really explore, you can find quite a lot of untapped places of interest. This can range from a nice little

Readability for iOS App Review

It is always annoying when you are quickly checking emails at work only to come across various articles and blog posts you would like to read but do not have time for. You […]

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