DOFMaster for iPhone App Review

You may only have a casual interest in photography that does not extend much further than snapping your friends on a night out and posting the results on Facebook, where they will inevitably request that

Color Thief for iOS App Review

Once again we are subjected to yet another photo editing application to add to the many millions of others flooding the App Store but it seems there are still areas to explore in […]

Foldify for iPad App Review

Just when you think you have seen everything the iPad can do, it shows you something new or, in this case, something old that you would associate more with an actual pad of paper, rather than an electronic

1 Password for iOS App Review

You may have used 1 Password before but if you are new to it, it is an app designed to keep all your passwords and other private details in one handy and secure […]

Juice for iOS App Review

There are plenty of apps geared towards improving your health and fitness and they are generally good. Some of them provide exercise routines for you to follow, some set a healthy menu for […]

Beautiful Weather for iPad App Review

Unless you are the kind of person who never leaves the house, there will almost certainly be an occasion where you need to find out what the weather forecast will be. Of course it is no secret that there

Audiobus for iPhone App Review

Any iPhone owners with musical ambitions may already be aware of the many different music production apps the market currently has to offer, each one flaunting its own unique way to carry out […]

Data Recovery Guru for Mac App Review

Few things are as infuriating on the Mac as when you delete a file by accident and cannot retrieve it. The best solution may be to back up your computer regularly but this is not always an option and even

Twitterrific 5 for iOS App Review

You may have already used Twitterrific for iPhone in one of its previous incarnations but even if that is the case, you may still want to consider this new version because it is more than just an update

The Orchestra for iPad App Review

If you are already familiar with Touch Press you will know the developer has come up with some of the iPad’s most intelligent and informative apps and they have carried on this trend […]

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