Studiometry 10.0 for Mac App Review

Running your own business is no simple venture, whether you are managing yourself or a team of 50, and it can be a real pain keeping track of projects and invoices. There are a number of project management

Doodley for iOS App Review

Artistic talent is one of those infuriating things that comes annoyingly naturally to some people, who can rush out a sketch that looks more lifelike than anything I put any time and effort […]

Adobe Story Plus for Mac App Review

Young, aspiring filmmakers have already found a whole wealth of applications and accessories from Apple that can help them on their way. Film production especially has been covered by all manner of editing

MacCleanse 3 for Mac App Review

It will come as no surprise to computer owners that over time we amass all kinds of things on our hard drives that take up valuable space and slow down our systems. Not even the all-powerful Mac is safe

Cashier for iOS App Review

If you are running your own business then you are going to need a way to manage your sales which is why it is fortunate that we live in such a technologically driven […]

MailMate 1.5 for Mac App Review

Everyone uses email at some point. It has been integrated into everyday life so much it is more or less impossible to avoid it, which is why a decent email client is important to find, especially if your

LifeTopix for iOS App Review

Keeping organised can be a real chore and if you have a lot to keep on top of, it can become a particularly complicated process to bring it all under control. There are […]

Scanner Mini for iOS App Review

No one likes accounting or managing their personal finances but unfortunately it is one of those things in life we need to keep on top of. If you like to do all your accounting yourself and tend to move

This is Not an App for iOS App Review

If you are a little bit cynical like me then the name of the inappropriately named This Is Not An App will irritate you because it is an app and it instantly makes […]

Manilla for iOS App Review

No one likes bills, in fact everyone hates bills. Just the word bill can make you panic or stress and they hang over you like the weight of the world until you manage […]

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