Magix Audio Cleaner Pro for Mac App Review

When it comes to audio software the Mac has its fair share and you can find an application for whatever it is you wish to do, whether editing some home recording or remixing a track but whatever you need

TubeExplorer for iPad App Review

Despite several imitators YouTube has more or less been established as the definitive video viewing platform and as such, it attracts millions of views every day, while its iOS app has also performed […]

GameMaker for Mac App Review

The simplest games are often the best and, while modern gaming is complex and sophisticated to swallow up hours of our time, it is the simple games that you can jump into and out of at pretty much any

AutoStitch Panorama for iPad App Review

Sometimes it is not enough to take a mere photograph of a view. Sometimes a location is so stunningly vast and epic that it is just too wide to squeeze into the size […]

Tellagami for iOS App Review

It seems filmmaking and animation are not just vocations for the professionals anymore. Thanks to the camera and a whole wealth of various video editing applications, it can take just minutes to film and

FanFiction for iOS App Review

The world of fan fiction is a curious one where literally anything can and will happen, whether you like it or not. Take any character you can think of from a movie, book, […]

Everest for iPhone App Review

Every year it is always the same. January 1 rolls around and as we emerge from our cocoons of alcohol-soaked comas we fry up all the bacon we can find and resolve to live healthily from now on. We then

Describe It Free for iOS App Review

Every year has its big game that captures the heart of every iOS device owner and dominates every second of free time they have. Angry Birds goes without saying and it still has […]

SyncSpace: Infinite for iOS App Review

Some of the best apps are also some of the most simple ones, especially when they provide an electronic version of a well-known real-life application as they normally capture everything the original is

Drive for iPhone App Review

Whether following the laws laid out by the powers that be or simply applying your own common sense to the situation, you will almost certainly be aware that using your iPhone while you […]

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