Vocalia Review

Probably one of the newest features iPhone 3G customers envy in the 3GS is the handy ‘Voice Control’ recognition capabilities. The iPhone voice recognition enables users to say “Call enter any name here” […]

Daisy Disk Review

When it comes to my Mac there is nothing more satisfying than keeping it in tip top performance. Maintaining my computer with that ‘newly installed’ feel although satisfying can be hard work especially […]

Capo for Mac Review

One of the best ways to learn the guitar is definitely to study the styles and work of others. Having grown up through the TDK cassette generation before graduating to CD I spent many […]

Guitar Rig Session Review

Integrating the power of the Apple Mac into my guitar processing set up has always been a bit of an ambition. I have even addressed Guitar and Garageband in a previous post. Having […]

Call of Duty 4 Review

Gaming has finally arrived for Mac and I love it. In the late 90s and early 00s I could have been easily described as an online gaming addict. Medal of Honor, Call of […]

EyeTV Sat Review

Generally when I get a new gadget or bit of computer tech the excitement rushes a review out within a day or two of using it. This time with the EyeTV Sat I […]

Tubestick Review

When it comes down to watching and recording TV on a computer Apple definitely have some of the best of systems available. Previously we have covered the great Elgato range of tuners that […]

Navigon Navigator Review

Exactly a year ago this month my excitement about the new iPhone 3G started to heighten. The already excellent mobile internet device was about to get the GPS work over. Rumours of turn […]

Song Genie Review

There is nothing more frustrating that putting a music CD into your computer to find iTunes can not identify the album or song. A long list of “Title 1? and a long time […]

EyeTV 3 Review

For the last number of years we have been using EyeTV to record films and TV from our UK digital television channels. Initially the recordings were syncronised with an iPod that was then, […]

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