Screenflow 2 Review

Telestream have just released version two of their incredible screencasting application Screenflow. We were lucky enough to be amongst a team of beta testers and I have been busting to talk about the […]

Eye-Fi hits the UK : Full Review

Recently we reported that the brilliant Eye-Fi wireless SD card was finally making its way to the UK (read the post). Well, this morning I am more than excited to have escaped the […]

Guitar Rig 4 : Full Review

Not too long ago guitarists had to rely on arrays or individual stomp boxes or expensive rack equipment to obtain the guitar tone of their dreams. Furthermore recording guitar tracks was a complicated […]

Overview: Google Street View

Last February Google activated their Street View service in a number of UK cities including Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast. The Street View service has raised a number of privacy concerns but those aside […]

Book Review : Photojojo

Last month the creative force behind Photojojo!, a site with 160,000 monthly readers devoted to ‘the world of things you can do with your photos and camera released their very first Photo tips […]

Overview : FlipShare video sharing for Mac

If you own a Flip video camera you will know how easy it is to edit and share your own video creations with Apple’s iMovie video editing application. If you don’t have iMovie […]

DrawRace Review

During the summer holidays I spent a fair bit of time gaming on the iPhone. If it wasn’t a quick game of Flight Control (review link) I was trying to beat family members […]

EyeTV app for iPhone Review

Elgato has released the EyeTV app for iPhone and iPod touch. With the EyeTV app,  you can now watch live TV and recordings on an iPhone and even browse the detailed program guide.

Dropzone Review

Computing has changed dramatically over the last few years impacting on the very way we all work. We are the digital sharing generation, file sharing, photo & video sharing, blogging, twittering offer us […]

Wolfenstein 3D Review

We love our computer games but these days most of our gaming takes place on the Xbox 360 and more recently Mac but growing up a number of PC ignited the industry one such […]