End of An Era

Steve Jobs’ resignation letter We are now living in the time that most of us have feared: Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO of Apple. That job now falls into the capable […]

Top Mac Backup Apps

All of us store important files on our computers. Whether these files are related to work, study, or finance, losing them will for sure turn your world upside down. But before you start […]

Top Mac Data Recovery Apps

Have you ever deleted important files from your Mac by accident? Actually it is the most common human error made by many computer users. Nowadays most people tend to do their daily activities […]

The Best Mac Data Encryptor

Do you treasure your Mac’s privacy? If yes, then why not consider using Mac encryption utilities? If you are looking for the best and the safest Mac encryption utility, read on. Everyone deserves […]

Top Mac Uninstall Applications

uninstall icon

If you are used to uninstall Mac apps by just dragging them to Trash, then you be aware that you may risk your Mac’s health. The reason is that some of the new […]

Anti-Theft Software for Mac Computers

You wouldn’t want your newly purchased Mac to be taken away from you, would you? For sure this would be an unpleasant experience for you to say the least. You will lose not […]

Top 5 Cleaning Apps for Mac OS

Computers are considered to be one of the basic necessities in a person’s life nowadays. However, since almost everything is dependent on computers, they often break down and start running slow. As these […]

A General Overview of Mac Apps

Do you know about Mac applications? The Mac is mostly used system in the world. The important question is that why most of the people prefer the Mac. The reason is that its […]

Make Your Life Simpler With Mac

Whenever I use Mac, I always wish that my life could be as simple as it. Everything will be just within a click. Easy to manage it, either save or cut all those […]