MacKeeper 3 Review: Now With 24/7 Support Chat

The last core release of MacKeeper came out in 2014, with the latest stable update going online in 2015. Now under the corporate banner of Kromtech Alliance rather than Zeobit, the performance optimizing […]

TextExpander for Mac Review

If you type a lot then you will probably tire of the repetition you are bound to encounter. After all there are only so many words in our vocabularies and once we find our voice, we tend to stick to it

Broomstick for Mac App Review

An overcrowded menu bar is a common complaint among Mac users but this is not surprising because it is all too easy to let it get out of hand. After all there are a lot of apps out there and limited space

ACDSee Pro 2 for Mac App Review

While the App Store may be flooded with photo-editing apps for the iPhone and iPad, there are not so many decent ones for the Mac so when one does show itself it is worth checking out. Latest in line is

Write 2 for iOS App Review

We all know how good the iPhone and iPad are as a means to make notes, especially the latter option due to its larger screen, but of course a decent device is only […]

KidsMotion for Mac App Review

While the more old-fashioned forms of entertainment seem to alienate kids more and more these days in favour of their Xbox, the very young still have an eye for the simpler things in life. Before children

TimeTraveler for iPhone App Review

A lot of people share the dream about travelling but for many of us it remains a dream that we never follow through. We all have our reasons, although they usually involve time […]

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 5 for Mac App Review

While pretty much every single piece of image-editing software will allow you to resize a photo, whether it is Photoshop or simply Microsoft Paint, but what is not so common is one that will maintain the

Swipe for iOS App Review

There are only so many ways you can introduce a photo-editing app. After all we all know how crowded the App Store is with them and several more seem to be crammed in […]

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