Why You Love The Mac App Store

The mac app store is one of the newest things to come out of mac that will make your life a lot easier. Available with most mac operating systems, you now have access […]

Windows On a Mac

Mac software means that you no longer need a windows machine to use windows products. It also makes the transfer to a mac a lot easier and a lot less painful, because you don’t have to convert all of your

Top Paid Apps In The Mac App Store

The mac app store is the best way for people with macs to buy and download everything they need for their mac. Rather than having to go to a store to find the […]

What’s The Deal With iBooks?

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The Best Free Games For Your iPad

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Mac Software Review: iLife 11

We all know that macs are great for creating new projects, and the new iLife 11 package is just further proof of this. With iPhoto 11, iMovie 11, GarageBand 11, iWeb (v3.0.2), and iDVD (v7.1) iLife 11

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Fans of the hit American TV series Grey’s Anatomy will recall an episode where interns of the hospital were live tweeting during a surgery. While some of the other doctors thought that this was odd and

Great Mac Apps

The app store has been on our phones and iPod’s for quite some time, but not it is available on our computers. Now using the moniker ‘app’ for all programs not just on […]