November 4, 2011, Macintosh Product Updates

Following updates have been made on the 4th of November for Mac related products. This day, updates were announced for software category only.Software UpdatesThe famous Adobe systems have announced the

The Mac Widgets

Defining widgets, it can be said that they are small applications which has the ability to perform tasks that are otherwise performed by going on to several different web pages created for this purpose

The Hidden Features Of iOS 5

By know we have all heard of the new features of iOS 5—iMessage, notification centre, photos from lock screen. But there are some other and really great updates in this OS that many people don’t know about

Four Reasons To Love iOS 5

Okay, so mac iOS 5 has been out for a little while now and it’s passed through the normal review phases—the excited phase, the honeymoon phase, the trial and error phase—and now it’s in the last phase

Top Free Apps In The Mac App Store

Here are the top five free apps that are now available in the mac app store. Be aware however that some of these apps are country specific and thus you might not be […]

iCloud By Apple

Another in the league of ‘i’, Apple has now come up with iCloud which is a much reformed and systemized setup of what was initially called the iTools. It’s not merely an updated version of its precedent

Mac Applications- A Review

Mac is one of the operating systems in the market and the users are looking for applications to make their Mac books better and fun. Mac is one of the most open source […]

What Does The Mac OS X Offer?

There are several computer operating systems out in the market. These include Microsoft’s Windows, The open source Linux OS and the Apple’s Mac OS. Apple has a good market share in the demand for Operating

Mac OS X-Snow Leopard Update

The Macintosh OS is Apple’s operating system and has been around for a long time. A lot more people are coming towards the Mac OS X and one of the reasons is that Apple never stops releasing frequent updates