Does This OS Lack Claws?

After the initial launching of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion, the sales busted out at a higher pace but tend to slowdown for a past two months. Those who have been using lion operating system came out to be quite

Clickinstall 3 For Mac OS X Software

On the 29th of August this year, the Excel Software company declared the invention of Clickinstall 3.0 having some of the major enhancements for the purpose of constructing a highly customized patch installers

Mac OS X Has Its Own Sandbox Security Hole

A public notification on behalf of CoreLabs Research has been released in which the vulnerability of a potential security threat in the sandboxing feature of Mac OS X is mentioned. According to the notification

November 11, 2011, Macintosh Product Updates

Announcements and updates of Macintosh products for November 11, 2011 are as follows:Software UpdatesCirrus thinking has taken its application of Dolly Drive beyond the functioning of Time Machine  by

How To Defrag a Mac

Once you’ve made the change from a PC to a mac you might be blown away by the faster speeds you will get, but this will change over time. No matter how often you use a computer or how good you are at backing

Defragmentation of a Mac Hard drive

The Mac operating systems are also unique in the sense is that it does not require to be defragmented regularly like the other operating systems. After the installation of the system updates on the Mac

Defragmentation In Mac

A simple question is what is defragmentation? Well, the answer is simple. It is a process of scanning the system so that the performance aspect becomes faster and efficient. Many people are not even aware

Uninstall An App Completely with Revo Uninstaller

When an application is uninstalled from the Windows, there are some files that are left behind as traces of the program. These left over files can be specifically pointed out as registry values and the